Talking God Painting by David John

Talking God by David John - Navajo

Talking God by David John – Navajo
Source: Smithsonian American Art Museum

Navajo creation story – the Talking God
This, the Talking God, is the chief character in Navajo mythology. In the rites in which personated deities minister to a suffering patient this character invariably leads, carrying a four-piece folding wand, bala­l, and uttering a peculiar cry.

As yet there was neither sun nor moon to shed light, only dawn, circling the horizon in the four colors ”white in the east, blue in the south, yellow in the west, and black in the north. Deeming it necessary that they should have light to brighten the world, and warmth for the corn and the grass, on their return to the earth’s center one of the chiefs made a speech advocating the creation of a sun and a moon.

Navajo creation story – the Talking God
Navajo creation story – The First World “Nihodilhil” (Black World)

Navajo creation story – Nihodootlizh – Second World (Blue World)

Navajo creation story – Nihaltsoh -The third World (Yellow World)

Navajo creation story – Nihalgai – The Glittering or White World


Navajo Creation Story – House God

Navajo Couple on Horseback by Delbert Buck


Navajo Couple on Horseback - 1991 Delbert Buck

1991 by Delbert Buck

Carved and painted wood, wire glasses, beadwork, turquoise jewelry, aluminum foil, leather, feathers, cloth, horse hair

 Smithsonian American Art Museum

Navajo – James King painting Family Holiday Evening

James King latest oil painting titled; ‘Family Holiday Evening’-20x 30 inch oil on canvas.


Family Holiday Evening  by Navajo James King

"Family Holiday Evening" painting by James King, Navajo name Biee'Di'cloo' (Woolenshirt) from Bit'ahnii.

This painting is still under constuction at 75 percent completion. If interest contact at:

James King
Ph: 970 769 3390

Navajo sculpture and Silversmith Harry Benally

This was our first trip to meet the Navajo Artists and Weavers. We meant 5 Navajos in a church in Sheep Springs, NM.

After the meeting Harry and Isabelle Benally took us to their home down a 6 mile dirt rode east of SheepsSprings.

Harry's Home

Harry Benally Home

Harry Carving

Harry Carving