Navajo – James King painting Family Holiday Evening

James King latest oil painting titled; ‘Family Holiday Evening’-20x 30 inch oil on canvas.


Family Holiday Evening  by Navajo James King

"Family Holiday Evening" painting by James King, Navajo name Biee'Di'cloo' (Woolenshirt) from Bit'ahnii.

This painting is still under constuction at 75 percent completion. If interest contact at:

James King
Ph: 970 769 3390


  1. Sarah Olson says

    Is this painting available in notecards or Christmas cards? It is truly lovely and I think would make a great Christmas card that I would love to use professionally and for relatives/friends during the holidays.

  2. Wow! I love the picture, it would be great for Christmas card. I would love to have this painting on my livingroom wall..It is so beautiful.

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