Ganado Navajo Rug
By  Master Weaver Ruby Hill

30 by 21 inches

This Ganado Navajo Rug was woven by Ruby Hill of Ganado, AZ. The weaving is 30 inches by 21 inches. The Ganado is perhaps the most "familiar of all" Navajo rugs. It comes closest to what most people think a Navajo rug should look like. They are known for their bold Ganado Red color integrated into the Central Diamond and Four Sacred Mountain design introduced by J. Lorenzo Hubbell and other traders to the Navajo at the turn of the 20th century.

This rug was purchased from Bill Malone in October this year. (See Bill and Ruby in photo) Bill said that Ruby Hill was one of the best of the Granado Rug Weavers. Bill Malone was the trader at the Hubbell Trading Post for over 20 years.

This rug is near tapestry quality with a weft count of around 60 threads per inch

Ruby Hill

Ganado Area Rug
Between Chinle and the area of the vegetal dye rugs lies Ganado, famed headquarters of the greatest of all traders, J. Lorenzo Hubbell, and home of the traditional and most distinguished red-black-white-gray rug.
Source: Navajo Rugs- Past, Present and Future by Gilbert Maxwell

This weaving is tightly woven, the corners are tight, no bleed, no wear, no holes, no odors, no moth nibbles, no fade, no stains and no snags. Both sides are even in color. It lays flat and smooth. Colors are bright and strong. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

When considering a Navajo Rug - the common terminology for all Navajo Weaving - it is important to realize that the product is one hundred percent handmade. Becoming an educated buyer and purchasing Authentic Navajo Weaving's helps to preserve the integrity and commitment of today's Navajo weavers.

Note: Before purchase a Navajo Rug on eBay please read my:
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Counting Navajo Rug Warp and Weft threads

Warp strings are the vertical strings which serve as the foundation of the rug. Wool yarn is preferred because weft count cotton warp strings may not tolerate rough use as a floor covering.

Weft threads are the horizontal threads that cover the warp threads, or the yarn that is woven over and under the warp and from side to side.
As you can see from the photo Weft threads cover both sides of the Warp strings.
Wefts per inch are counted on both faces of a fabric. When the wefts are counted on one side, this number is doubled, as there is a corresponding weft on the other side. It can vary at different parts of the rug. The better the weaver the more consistent this will be throughout the rug.
Sources: Sumner Patterson Purple Sage Trading Post Blanding, Utah
Ann Lane Hedlund Director of the GFR Center for Tapestry Studies.

I have counted on one side about 16 warp threads and 30 weft threads.
That would be a weft count (threads per inch) of about 60, counting both sides

What should I pay for a Navajo rug?
Is it a good investment?

Ganado area Navajo Rug
20- year Comparative chart

Year 3 ft. by 5 ft. rug
1978 $250 - $400
1988 $500 - $750
1998 $1,500 - $2,000
2005 $2,500 - $2,500
Source: Rugs & Posts by H. L, James page 69

The cheaply made Mexican rugs have replaced the traditional Navajo Rugs in many markets. The quality of the Mexican rugs, their texture, and the vibrancy of the colors are inferior.
Don't waste your money. Save and buy yourself a true piece of art. The Navajo Rugs are more expensive, but you will have made an investment. A truly good piece will only increase in value, while its Mexican counterpart will only be good for resale at a yard sale.

100% Money back Satisfaction Guarantee.
I will ship on approval and if you are not wholly satisfied, ship it back. This is the kind my rugs are. I gladly take the risk for the chance of having you see them. A satisfied customer is worth more to me than anyone sale. He or she frequently comes back with re-orders. At least, they will not turn away from me friends who may want similar goods


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About Navajo Arts:
We try to purchase all of our rugs directly from the Navajo rug weavers or at an auction. It is important for the Navajo rug weavers to sell their rugs because the money it generates can be extremely important to the financial welfare of the weaver’s family. What a Navajo weaver earns from the sale of her rug may have to support her family for a long time.

If a rug does not sell, oftentimes the weaver will take their rug to pawn shops in Gallup or Farmington where they may only get 20 to 30 percent of the sale price.

If you have any question email with the "Ask seller a question" on this listing or call me at 801-376-9280. Thank you for viewing this listing. Happy rug buying.
Harold Carey

Price $595.00