Navajo Chicken Pull – Painting by James King

I am doing this new exciting oil painting titled; Navajo Chicken Pull. It’s an old Navajo pass-time with the winner on horseback pulling the chicken out of the soft ground first while he (she-in this painting) is still on the horse.

Navajo Chicken Pull – Painting by James King

Speed and Horsemanship is the key. I have heard stories of this event and have put this painting together thru the story from my aunt Lucy. Painting is 50% from completion with more people looking on..

Happy Valentine – Painting by James King

James King (Woolenshirt)

James King with youth navajo name Biee’Di’cloo’ (Woolenshirt) from Bit’ahnii birth for Naaneesht’zh’ clan.Raised on a farm along the San Juan River.

In 1951 he was born in Shiprock, New Mexico
As a young member of the Dine’ (NavajoTribe) I started experimenting with shoe polish and housepaints.
The outhouse wall was artistic drawing board. Soon it was endless what you can do with house paints.

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